Thank you and it was great being there today.


We are so delighted to welcome to Harris Tottenham tonight to lead our staff CPD tonight around County Lines


Can you guess what our primary assembly is about today?


As part of we were v proud to be shortlisted in the national safeguarding award category of the last night. This is in partnership working with some excellent schools in Haringey


1 in 5 parents are worried they won't be able to afford a present for their children this Christmas. Will you help send 17,000 festive book parcels to children who need them most? Donate £10 today to share the magic of books this Christmas.


Primary CPD this evening was focused on wellbeing with our Artist in Residence 🎨


25 reads tea party in full swing! 📖 We ❤️ reading!


The demolished factory site from the south facing side of our school


Our southern facade gets a more open outlook after the demolition of the building on Ashley Road.Let the light in


Have you experienced how students with can fall into a cycle of negative thinking 💭? Help them to focus on a time they coped well in a situation and think about why it worked for them. For tips on tackling low-level anxiety read our blog


Our friends are offering support for the local community to learn new skills- pop in and chat to one of the team!


It is academic review day in the primary phase tomorrow. Please join us with your child for their appointment with their class teacher. We will have pre-loved uniform on sale including FREE school shirts! 👔


Poppies on sale again in the primary playground this afternoon. Secondary pupils- you are VERY welcome to pop by otherwise they are also on sale during lunchtimes


Good morning everyone! Our Workshop Wednesday today is focused on Safeguarding. Come & meet our team & find out about the support on offer for pupils & families.


The end of a historic factory next to us. Sunlight breaking through the air created by the demolition


The end of a historic factory next to us. Sunlight breaking through the air created by the demolition


Our Year 6 poppy sellers are ready in the playground to sell poppies this afternoon for the


What do students think of our 6th Form


6th Form Open Evening sharing the vision for our charitable & industrial partnerships


PC Yucel and PC Sabrina visited us at HATO today to provide speed awareness training to our travel team. We are now ready to head out onto the road to provide speed awareness to the public

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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practise.

All pupils sit a Star Test at the beginning of each term, which will identify the child’s current reading level. The child then independently selects a book from their reading level band and has a week to read the book.

What is the weekly quiz?

At the end of the seven days, pupils will sit a quiz that is linked to the story they have taken home over the last week. The pupil will answer comprehension questions that will show if the child has understood what they have been reading – the number of questions is reflective of the length of the book – the longer the book, the more questions there will be. When sitting the weekly quiz, children are not allowed to look through the book – this quiz is based upon what the pupils have remembered.

What happens in the Star Test?

At the beginning of each term, pupils will sit a Star Test. This will be a standalone comprehension test that links to an unfamiliar text. This then shows the pupils’ understanding of the text and an assessment is made on their comprehension skills. A reading level is generated and class teachers can use the data generated to implement additional group activities to support pupils to make good  progress.

When do pupils sit the test?

Pupils sit their weekly quiz during one of their reading lessons. Key Stage 2 have four reading lessons a week, one of which is purely dedicated to Accelerated Reader. Pupils sit the quiz independently and use either a laptop or an iPad to access the program. Every child has a unique login which is used every week and helps to monitor the progress that the child makes over time.

How do we ensure that pupils are reading their book within 7 days?

Class teachers promote the importance of reading and pupils are encouraged to read every day – this is the expectation across the entire Academy, starting in Reception. Children will bring home their reading book every day and should be reading on average around 15-20 minutes every day to help build up their reading and comprehension skills and their reading fluency as well as help to develop their communication and language skills.

Class teachers monitor Reading Diaries to see if pupils are regularly reading at home and for those that are not or for those who want to read more, opportunities are given throughout the day, such as first thing in the morning, to get books out and read. There are also opportunities to free-read during our weekly Reading timetable, where pupils are given time to read and access their Accelerated Reader book.

How do we celebrate success?

Every week, each child that has achieved 100% in their weekly quiz, will receive a certificate in assembly and the class that receives the highest combined percentage score will receive extra playtime as a reward. Class winners will also be announced in assembly and mentioned in the weekly newsletter for families to see.

If you have any questions about the Accelerated Reader programme, do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or to the English Lead.