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Parents - join us to hear about our all new Parents & Teacher Association. Come and help!


Parents - have you seen this low traffic proposal. You may wish to contribute & offer feedback.


Retweetd From Lawrence Foley

Do you know how great it feels to give an assembly to a year group again? After a year and a half of talking earnestly to a laptop, it's bloody delightful. So happy to welcome back Years 10 and 11 today. We have SUCH great teachers . You should probably join them.


Year 9 return tomorrow. Please see the most recent communications sent to all parents here


Retweetd From Lawrence Foley

The Year 7 cohort are the finest young people in London. Won't have it any other way. Delighted to welcome them into school for the first time today.


Parents - not to be missed for your children …


Retweetd From David Lammy

Don't blame women for wearing headphones while walking alone. Blame men for attacking women.


Retweetd From Met Contact Centre

Calling all parents. Are you looking for online activities to keep your kids busy over the summer, whilst still learning? is an exciting interactive online security resource for 7 - 11 year olds. Find out more here:


Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

Our very own published, author, Kiara. Unsurprisingly, electing to study English Literature next year. We are very proud of you. Well done!


Our very own published, author, Kiara. Unsurprisingly, electing to study English Literature next year. We are very proud of you. Well done!


Shanon has made us all so proud. Brilliant grades, richly deserved.


Hilmi will be coming to you for a neuroscience degree soon. Keep his seat warm, please.


Congratulations, Tia. A brilliant grade 8 in Art!


6th form enrolment day . Looking forward to seeing some pupils here this time next year.


Got better grades at GCSE than you thought? Harris Tottenham are enrolling for our outstanding 6th Form. Contact office via this link


Retweetd From Patrick Cozier

Congratulations Harris Academy Tottenham!! Love how you serve the area where I grew up! Proud of you and your students!


Retweetd From City, University of London

Welcome to Nahin! 💻🥳🙌#MyCityUni


Well done to all Year 13 students for their immense focus during such difficult 2 years Fare well in next stage of your studies whether it be human geography, or the v interesting Architectural technology at like Aaliyah (2nd left) |


Retweetd From Swansea University

Congratulations both 🥳 You'll have the best time at , Dilara!


Alwiyah (pictured right) off to study social policy & politics at | Kathryn (left) successfully gains a place at the top university in Philippines to read social sciences

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Letters Home - Sixth Form

Title Date  
Academic Review Day (Y7-10 and 12) Letter to Parents - 16.06.2021 16th Jun 2021 Download
Covid Update - text messages from NHS - 17.09.2020 17th Sep 2020 Download
Covid-19 Update Letter to Parents: Amendments to Entrance & Exit Times - 11.11.2020 11th Nov 2020 Download
Extremely Clinically Vulnerable Letter to Parents - 13.11.2020 13th Nov 2020 Download
GCSE and A Level Results this Summer Letter to Students - 19.07.2021 20th Jul 2021 Download
Grades 2021 Letter to Parents - 09.08.2021 20th Aug 2021 Download
Lockdown 2 Letter to Parents - 05.11.2020 07th Dec 2020 Download
Mandatory Message on Testing Letter to Parents - 13.11.2020 13th Nov 2020 Download
Post Easter and Staffing Update Letter to Parents - 21.04.2021 21st Apr 2021 Download
Safety Information - Ashley Road Building Construction Letter to Parents - 04.09.2020 04th Sep 2020 Download
Safety Measures Letter to Parents - 13.05.2021 13th May 2021 Download
Secondary End of Summer Term 2 Letter to Parents - 23.07.2021 19th Aug 2021 Download
Secondary Phase Return to School Letter to Parents - 25.02.2021 25th Feb 2021 Download
Secondary Phase Testing and Return Letter to Parents - 23.02.2021 23rd Feb 2021 Download
Secondary Phase Y7-10 and 12 Letter to Parents - 06.01.2021 07th Jan 2021 Download
Sixth Form Year 13 A-levels Examinations Letter to Parents and Pupils - 05.01.2021 05th Jan 2021 Download
Tier 2 face Mask Letter to Parents - 16.10.2020 19th Oct 2020 Download
Update Letter to Parents from the Executive Principal - 08.01.2021 08th Jan 2021 Download
Update on GCSE & A Level Examinations for 2021 Letter to Parents - 12.10.2020 13th Oct 2020 Download
Update on the Return to Harris Tottenham - Mass Testing of Pupils - 24.02.2021 24th Feb 2021 Download
Year 11 and 13 Post Half Term Students, Parents and Carers - 26.05.2021 26th May 2021 Download
Year 11 and 13 Public Examinations Update Letter to Parents - 03.11.2020 07th Dec 2020 Download
Year 12 A-Level Summer Assessments Letter to Parents - 21/06 - 01/07/2021 11th Jun 2021 Download
Year 13 Leaving Event / Results Day Letter to Parents - 16.06.2021 16th Jun 2021 Download
Years 12 and 13 Return to School Letter Parents - 05.03.2021 03rd Mar 2021 Download
Years 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 Relaunch Letter to Parents - 08.03.2021 08th Mar 2021 Download