thanks so much to primary parents for joining us at show my learning this morning. We loved showing you our learning


The calm before the storm or the geography A Level & GCSE Chemistry papers…


Sporting Success !


Two of our students Brave and Josh attended - they are shining stars and will surely set the world alight - far right of picture. Thank you as ever to |


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Thank you for supporting by loaning us this amazing full kit of steel pans. We are so grateful!


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- Exec Principle talking to us about . “We are furnishing children with choice… Russell group uni or apprenticeship, I don’t mind as long as they have choice”.


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Thanks for having us today! Really looking forward to visiting again soon!


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Pressure to do well in exams can be overwhelming and affect your mental health. Here's our advice if it's all getting a bit too much.


Today marks the first GCSE public English Language examination since May 2019. We wish all our students the very best as they open their papers in just under 60 minutes. hearty scholar’s breakfast of croissants & orange juice to get them going.


Very well done


We’re in! Doing v well


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These confident, young children have been absolute superstars this week! 🌟 We’re so impressed with their resilience, determination and ability to stay calm. 😁Five down, one to go 🤞. Good luck Year 6!! 🍀


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A palpable hit


So very good to see the new multi weather and multi use turf getting its first sunshine | thanks to


A palpable hit


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The brilliant hosting his afterschool hip hop club for key stage 2 for

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Letter to New Year 7s

214878508.jpg.galleryDear Year 6,

"The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter.”

Our school doors open for you and are always open for you.

My favourite adventure story is J R R Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit. In it, dwarves, elves, and dragons do battle with magical creatures and friendship and swordplay. Central to the story is a door into the deep mountains where the dwarves used to live before the dragon took over!

The wizard Gandalf speaks the words that open this door. That mystical word is simply ‘friendship’. The words in elvish are "Annon edhellen, edro hi ammen" - Gate of the Elves, open now for me. We have no elves, but our doors open now for you.

We have created a space just for you, our future Year 7 students who will join us in September. We know that you are most precious and most valuable of new Year 7s in our short and new history. Friendship is key to making your move to a new school work well.

Learning at Harris Tottenham will be creative and magical; safe and exciting. But most of all we will help you and help you develop strong friendships.

This space for you is safe and is online: you can see it by clicking through our own portal door.

This space is also a very real place, 6 minutes’ walk from Tottenham Hale train station and 24 minutes’ walk from Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium. We are surrounded by the green of Down Lane Park and the 100 acres of the Lea Valley Park marshes. Places to walk and places to explore even if the last 9 weeks have been so difficult for you.

Our aim over the next 5 weeks is to help you begin to learn about each of your teachers. We will do this by posting short informational films by teachers and students for you to learn about the school you are joining, for you to feel supported and for you to enjoy watching.

What I can say with absolute certainty is that we are very much looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into the HATO family and community.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Soar

Executive Principal (HF)