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LETTER TO PARENTS - reopening of school in September


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Kieran in Year 7 has shared this wonderful piece of work featuring an interview with his grandad and a short history of Barbados. This is part of the "History in my Household" project that Key Stage 3 Historians have undertaken as part of their home learning.


Only 1 Covid case in 3000 London schools last week and only 9 over last 4 weeks. Is the virus disappearing?


Kieran in Year 7 has shared this wonderful piece of work featuring an interview with his grandad and a short history of Barbados. This is part of the "History in my Household" project that Key Stage 3 Historians have undertaken as part of their home learning.


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Thank you to all our academies who shared their strategies for supporting the most vulnerable pupils during lockdown by getting them into school


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This week's Bedrock champion - Shalom, Year 8! Well done, you completed the most Bedrock lessons this week, the £10 amazon voucher is yours!


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500 Words: The latest competition is all about Black Lives Matter - CBBC Newsround


Dinosaur News |


100 days of lockdown today. 100 days in which many have suffered physically; many have suffered emotionally. We have clapped for the NHS & we have supported each other as a community to keep on learning & to stay alert and positive. our teachers & support staff miss you all


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Help us keep our parks and open spaces clean and tidy by not littering. Please place all your litter in the bins provided or, if they're full, take it home with you. Thank you. 🗑️🚮


End of another Lockdown Week at Harris Tottenham & the 2metre lines mark a now empty & silent school | a meditative and contemplative week for all of us.


Hi, could you please send us a direct message with your details and we’ll give you a call first thing tomorrow.


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Rafael Lemkin was born 120 years ago. He coined the term and fought relentlessly for the recognition and prevention of the crime. We hope that we can all play our part in making 'Never again' a reality.


Thank you. We will check and connect. If we cannot identify the person we will direct message you if that is okay?


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*BREAKING* Kinetic join forces with for all kit and equipment for the seasons ahead 💪#kineticacademy


HATO Challenge: 'I am proud to be me because I always try to understand and help people' Violeta


Lockdown measures remain - keep 2metres. Wear masks on public transport. Only travel if you have to. Enjoy school provision if you can. HATO remains open for all in Year R, 1 & 10 & 12.


Another sunshine day here St Harris Tottenham. Open to key worker children and Years R, 1 and 10 and 12. Welcome one and all. Stay Alert


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Based on the film 'say no to racism', the Head of Media Studies at garnered support from everyone & produced this simple 59 second film | an artistic headline to the background work we are doing on eliminating racism. Hope you like.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 5 - Toucans Class

The Year 5 class is led by Mrs Orr, she will be helped by Mr Bettache, who is the Assistant Class Teacher.  The Teaching Assistants supporting in the Year 5 class is Ms Gaumah.  

We will practise reading and spelling in our reading lessons and will write in a variety of genres in our Literacy lessons. We will focus on some interesting stories and information books too.

In Maths, we will be thinking carefully about place value and practicing our addition and subtraction skills.

In History, we will be learning about what happened to Britain when the Romans left. In Geography, we will be learning about why lines of longitude and latitude are so important. In science, we will be looking at Earth and Space, this will link in with our art learning where we will be painting the earth, sky and space. In Design and technology, we will be learning all about electrical systems.

Our PE and Performing Arts lessons will be on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please make sure you have your PE kit in school on these days and remember to write your name in all the items. 

Our Meet the Teacher Session will be held on Friday 27th September at 2.45pm, to discuss more about the curriculum and upcoming events for Year 5.

Spring Update

Year 5 have had so much fun this term. In Maths they have been learning all about money and decimals. They now know how to compare decimals of different values and order them in ascending and descending order. Through their investigation tasks, the class have made their own challenging questions involving decimals and shared them with their peers – challenging them to try solve it.

In English, Year 5 have studied ‘The Highwayman’, ‘How to be an Anglo- Saxon’ and ‘Amazing Grace.’ They have loved the English texts as each one has brought a different element to their English understanding. With their increase in English understanding, they use more adventurous vocabulary (like parchment and possessions) in their extended writing pieces. Their favourite one being the diary entry they wrote as an Anglo-Saxon.

The excitement extended itself into Science, Geography and History lessons. A lot of practical opportunities have allowed the learners to really dive deep into understanding each concept taught. They particularly loved the science experiment where they worked with different conductors to see which one could melt butter quicker. The year 5’s look forward to the next term where they will be investigating new scienti c concepts, reading new ctional English texts and extending their Maths knowledge when working with Place value.

Spring 2

Year 5 have had so much fun this term despite the uncertainty in this current climate. They have made us so proud! In Maths we learnt new strategies in multiplication and division and how to work out multi-step problems. In English we read a book by Philip Pullman, ‘The rework makers daughter’ that we all really enjoyed. The children used this book to write their own adventure story. In History the children have learnt all about Vikings and loved seeing how the Viking history shaped England today.

World book day was a great success this year with all children loving the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character and parade their costumes during assembly. They also had heaps of fun on science day where we learnt all about rusting and what chemical change is involved when rusting forms.

The children have done us so proud over the last two weeks, from completing ARD over the phone to working through the learning packs and accessing purple mash online daily. Mrs Orr has been
so proud listening to how well the children have been doing when calling in each week to touch in and looks forward to seeing all the Easter home learning projects.