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Retweetd From Mariah Kennedy Cuomo

My grandfather Robert F. Kennedy’s speech “On The Mindless Menace of Violence” put to images of today. Share this video by with and take action at


HATO Challenge: What am I proud of? 'I am proud to be in the Drew House tutor group MEL' Jokubas


HATO Challenge: What am I proud of? 'I am remarkable because I have been doing my homework regularly.' Mugaji


HATO Challenge: What am I proud of? From Caiden


Martin Luther King was assassinated because of his fight against hatred & against prejudice & discrimination in society. This inequality persists still. The data is clear. The experience of those around us speak to this. Prejudice remain. Hatred remains.


RFK’s speech is in full here: & the text is here


Earlier that year in April, Robert Kennedy gave a rousing & poignant speech, but one that attempts to inspire action. In it he argues that: “This is a time of shame and sorrow....” He was speaking about the murder of the black civil rights campaigner Dr Martin Luther King


Bobby Kennedy (RFK) was assassinated in June 1968. He was murdered after becoming the favourite for candidate for President of the USA.


Good morning everyone. Today we set aside most of Covid-19 planning to reflect on a speech by Bobby Kennedy. A series of tweets over the weekend will I hope inspire and give pause for reflection & action. PSHE & citizenship are maligned as subjects but schools teach them well.


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How has it been at Harris Academy Tottenham as we slowly reopen our school gates to more and more children ?


How has it been at Harris Academy Tottenham as we slowly reopen our school gates to more and more children ?


HATO Challenge: What am I proud of? 'I am remarkable because I finish tasks set by teachers on time and to the best of my ability.' Leo


Retweetd From Djamila Boothman 🌱

Channel and maintain that outrage ... let’s make sure that we keep the momentum going until our children return to the classrooms and after that. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon


I will have a look. That’s v odd. Will action now


HATO Challenge: What am I proud of? 'I am proud of making a really nice dinner for my family the other day , because they really liked it and I’m not usually a good cook so it made me proud of myself.' Adelina


Making the Leap () arranged for volunteers at BNP Paribas () to review student CVs and give feedback remotely – through this over 30 students (Year 10-13) have received tailored support from HR professionals on making their CV perfect.


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I’m scared but he has to is what my son needs right now.” | reminder that academy is open to Year 1 and reception again next week.


Everywhere you go within the academy the pods are enclosed and protected and social distancing is maintained as shown here by Mr Hall and Mr Howells |

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 4 - Falcons Class

The Year 4 class is led by Mr Jackson-Hinds.  The Teaching Assistants supporting in the Year 4 class will be Ms Bandin and Ms Zorlakkis. 

We will practise reading and spelling in our reading lessons and will write in a variety of genres in our Literacy lessons. We will focus on some interesting stories and information books too. 

In Maths, we will be thinking carefully about place value and practicing our addition and subtraction skills. 

In History, we will learning about the Ancient Greeks and thinking about Greek myths and legends.  In Geography, we will be learning about earthquakes and volcanoes and how they affect people. In Art, we look and learn about Ancient Greek pottery and printing based on the images used and in Design and Technology, we will look at mechanical systems, specifically gears and cams.  In Science, we will be learning about animals including humans.  

Our PE and Performing Arts lessons will be on Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure you have your PE kit in school on these days and remember to write your name in all of the items.  

Our Meet the Teacher Session will be held on Thursday 26th September at 2.45pm, to discuss more about the curriculum and upcoming events for Year 4.

Spring update

This half-term Year 4 have been very busy. In English we have been exploring a range of different texts and have used this as inspiration to create, our own stories, non-chronological reports and a letter. Vocabulary and reading have been a key focus this term and as a class we have really enjoyed reading and listening to our class novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

In Maths we have been netuning our use of mental and written methods, particularly with multiplication. Learning our times tables has been a very fun and interactive journey with lots of music as motivation.

In PSHE we have been exploring the topics of Kindness and what its means to be healthy. Science this term has been all about the 3 states of matter and conducting experiments to explore their properties. Using technology has been a key focus this term and in addition to using laptops and Ipads for research we have used them to create our own newspaper report and publish pieces of work. In our foundation subjects we have been learning about Italy and many of its landmarks and geographical features, Christianity and what it means to belong to the Christian faith, as well as Rome and the Roman civilisation.

Spring 2

We have had a very busy half term of learning. In English we have had a clear focus on developing our presentation, proof reading and editing skills. As a class we see the importance of redrafting as a means to become better writers. Reading goes hand in hand with writing and as such we have all been working on our reading for pleasure. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to you read over the phone, it reminded me of how much progress you have made since September and it makes me incredibly proud to be your teacher!

In PSHE our key focus has been learning about the rights of children. As a class we have developed our empathy towards others and learnt what it truly means to be a kind person.

In Computing we have been developing our ICT skills and have become very pro cient at logging in and using a computer independently. We have enjoyed using technology as a means to share ideas, this was particularly enjoyable when we created a campaign to develop a school playground.

As the school closes for Easter I would like you all to continue to engage with your learning packs and regularly use Purple Mash. Stay safe.

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