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Retweetd From Tottenham Hale ‘n heart: Ruth Gordon’s ward watch

Traffic heads up: The Hale Works development will be having their tower crane removed on weekend of 13/14 March. This will mean the closure the East Bound lane on Ferry Lane on Friday 12th from 10pm until 5am on Monday 15th March.


We tested Year 11-13 prior to reopening in March 8th 101 Year 11 (65%) 70 Year 12 and 13 (51%) All negative 😁 Bring on Monday


Retweetd From Heartlands High

Are you ready.... packed your bag.... do your shoes still fit? T-92 hours to go until we see the first students for teaching on Tuesday 9th March! All queries and questions on reopening can be sent to we are here to help!


Test Friday ; Mask Monday


58 Year 11s now through and all negative


37 Year 11 students so far - all negative and more than excited to at last be returning


Year 11-13 - REMEMBER MASKS & PATHS See you all tomorrow for your lateral flow tests. Don’t forgot those masks


Happy from the Creative Arts team at HATO 📚🌎🍫🎫


Superb to hear. Glad we could help


Happy World Book Day! Gigantosaurus has arrived this morning to surprise our key worker pods! We are all interested to see how Ms Lodhi transfers to online teaching via teams for her 9am this space!


Happy World Book Day! 📚🌎


If you send a message to the private direct message system in this Twitter account we can find out who this is with you


Can you DM this account please with you details of who you are and we will see what has happened


Fearful of the lateral flow test being used on Friday and next week? Watch this NHS film by Barts Hospital of how to do the test safely. Just 1.5cm in your nostril or until you feel resistance. The swab does not pierce the skin inside your nose.


Retweetd From Department for Education

From next Monday, let’s all get back to school safely. Read our parent guidance to find out more:


Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

Notice for Year 11-13 Where should you arrive on Friday for your Covid-test? A short 30 second film about where.


Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

FRIDAY opening for Year 11-13 lateral flow testing please watch this short 30 second film from Mr Hall about your tests | |


Notice for Year 11-13 Where should you arrive on Friday for your Covid-test? A short 30 second film about where.


FRIDAY opening for Year 11-13 lateral flow testing please watch this short 30 second film from Mr Hall about your tests | |


Parents - we continue our updates on the vaccine roll-out. The excellent news is that now 90% have either had the vaccine or want to. Now at 14,930,489 vaccinations

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Year 3 - Swan

Welcome to Swan Class! The class is led by Ms Kadianga. The Teaching Assistant supporting the Year 3 class is Ms Ndoko.

Show my learning - Autumn term

Usually at this time in the term we would invite our families into the academy to come and see all of the children’s wonderful learning. Due to the current restrictions this is not possible at the moment.

However, this will not stop us from showing you all of the exciting things we have been doing this term at Harris Academy Tottenham. Please see the film above. We hope you enjoy!

We will practise phonics, reading and spelling in our Read, Write Inc. lessons and reading lessons and will write in a variety of genres in our Literacy lessons. We will focus on some interesting stories and information books too. 

In Maths, we will be working with numbers to 100 thinking carefully about place value and practising our additional and subtraction skills. 

In History, we will be learning who the first humans in Britain were and where they came from. We will explore further about the Stone Age and understand what life was like. In Geography, we will be using and interpreting maps and finding out what information we can gather. 

In Science, we will be learning about forces and magnets, whilst looking at cave paintings in art and learning all about different structures in Design and Technology

Our PE lesson will be on Wednesday. Please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit to school on this day and remember to write your name in all the items.  

Autumn Update 

Swan class have worked exceptionally well this term. In Maths we learnt about telling the time and applied the knowledge in real life situations - including telling the time when we have different subjects throughout the day, our break-time, lunchtime and home time. The class also explored division and multiplication and place value, whereby we worked with large numbers and answered reasoning questions.

In English we explored different types of literatures and topics such as Black History month, in which we were able to write fascinating stories, have real life debate, instruction writing, writing biographies and applying our amazing new vocabulary in each piece of writing.

Year 3 team have also enjoyed investigating in Science - we explored magnets and forces as well as plants. Swans class became mini-scientists in order to examine the different use of forces and magnets as well as examine the different parts of a plant.

We also did various projects in Geography, History, Art and DT, as we created a Stone Age 3D village (pictured), the map of our community and amazing Black History month art (see below).

Swan class have managed to excel in all lessons, including PE, and PSHE, and will continue to work to their full potential in the coming term.

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