thanks so much to primary parents for joining us at show my learning this morning. We loved showing you our learning


The calm before the storm or the geography A Level & GCSE Chemistry papers…


Sporting Success !


Two of our students Brave and Josh attended - they are shining stars and will surely set the world alight - far right of picture. Thank you as ever to |


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Thank you for supporting by loaning us this amazing full kit of steel pans. We are so grateful!


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- Exec Principle talking to us about . “We are furnishing children with choice… Russell group uni or apprenticeship, I don’t mind as long as they have choice”.


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Thanks for having us today! Really looking forward to visiting again soon!


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Pressure to do well in exams can be overwhelming and affect your mental health. Here's our advice if it's all getting a bit too much.


Today marks the first GCSE public English Language examination since May 2019. We wish all our students the very best as they open their papers in just under 60 minutes. hearty scholar’s breakfast of croissants & orange juice to get them going.


Very well done


We’re in! Doing v well


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These confident, young children have been absolute superstars this week! 🌟 We’re so impressed with their resilience, determination and ability to stay calm. 😁Five down, one to go 🤞. Good luck Year 6!! 🍀


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A palpable hit


So very good to see the new multi weather and multi use turf getting its first sunshine | thanks to


A palpable hit


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The brilliant hosting his afterschool hip hop club for key stage 2 for

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Theodore Roosevelt

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Our three-year Key Stage 3 model requires pupils to study a chronological narrative of the British Isles from the arrival of the Romans to the present day, the history of non-European societies, and some of the most significant events in world history.

At Key Stage 3, each year has a conceptual theme drawn through all units (Democracy in Year 7; Liberty and Justice in Year 8; Nationalism and Self-Determination in Year 9) allowing teachers to place various historical events within a conceptual framework.

At Key Stage 4, pupils undertake a range of depth and breadth studies as outlined by our chosen exam board, Pearson Edexcel. They are supported to develop further key historical skills such as source analysis, evaluation and explanation, and are encouraged to think more deeply about how historians make judgements about the past.

At Key Stage 5 we have specialised teaching for each of the four units comprising the History A-level ensuring that pupils at this level are well-supported to refine their skills before taking their next steps into Higher Education.

Details of the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum can also be found below.

Mission statement

Our pupils will achieve highly in History through the emergence of sustained engagement with this intellectually challenging but humanly indispensable enterprise.

Knowledge of history and understanding of the way that historical knowledge emerges matters a great deal for any student learning what it means to be human, and for any society that wants to try and understand itself and that values rational and open enquiry, critical examination of evidence, openness to alternative perspectives, and related dispositions and attitudes.


Ms H Cobbson – Subject Lead for History
Mr H Ashton-Evans – Teacher of History
Mr F Schulze-Feldmann – Teacher of History
Mr K Smith – Teacher of History
Ms T Oladehin – Teacher of History