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How do you look after your mental health? Get an action plan and advice from


Festival of Litter | We repeatedly inform about the graffiti, human fast food litter & rubbish bags that get dumped in this stretch of Warermead Road & Burdock Road in | we hope someone will clear it soon. |


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


A stunning close up of a biro-only ink sketch in tribute of Kobe Bryant


Oranges are not the only fruit ... | a quite remarkable art exhibition on the Tottenham site from the Year 10-12 students


Look what’s coming ....March & Careers Ed


Victory Youth Group are in today leading performance based workshops with our Year 9s looking at drug and alcohol awareness.


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We're today delivering workshops as part of their curriculum day.


Year 8 are taking part in workshops with Collage Voices based on Hate Crime today.


Year 10 are out on a trip today at the Imperial War Museum as part of our Curriculum Day.


It's the start of our second Curriculm Day today. Year 7 are spending the day thinking about their House Charity. Pythagoras are supporting the RSPCA and we have Ella in leading a discussion with the students.


Harris Tottenham is promoting the fun of the -


Our Primary Digital Leaders are out representing HATO at the BT Tower for safer internet day!


Tijhani achieved a stunning 2nd place in the Haringey Borough Championships for speaking -


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Our third of the week saw Jess Bailey Ryan become the new Regional Champion! 2nd place was Tijhani & 3rd place Ubaidul Every speaker should be feeling proud! 👍


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Please complete the Local Authority's SEND Transport questionaire and make sure that your voice is heard in shaping the tranport service for your child(ren) and for all families.


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


One of the first evenings when the end of school is still light! Intervention for year 11 driving students on to have better results in the dying light of Twilight


Four 6th formers heading off v early in the morning tomorrow to | it will be a profound, disturbing and educative time for them and the two teachers who accompany them - thanks to for this brilliant programme |

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Academy News

Posted on February 25th 2019

LGBT+ Month at Harris Academy Tottenham

Harris Academy Tottenham have been celebrating LGBTQ+ month. A variety of fun and thought provoking activities have been taking place throughout the academy.

In the Primary phase, the children celebrated ‘Pride Week’ this was centred about celebrating diversity and encouraging children to be proud of who they are. Assemblies and PSHE lessons were tailored to the theme and each class read and discussed a story which celebrated difference or challenged gender stereotypes.

Friday 8th February was ‘Rainbow Day!’ in which pupils and staff dressed in rainbow colours and parents joined their children in class in the morning to share things they are proud of for the primary pride tree.


“It was a very fun day, everyone was so brightly coloured and showing how they were proud. We know at our school it is fine to be different and we include absolutely everybody. ” Nelson Year 4.  


In the Secondary phase, an assembly for LGBQ+ month started the week, led by pupils in Year 9. A variety of events have followed including an after school film screening of ‘Love, Simon’, a symposium celebrating diversity and our academy football teams taking pride into the community by wearing rainbow laces to football fixtures!

ImageIn subject areas, we have been celebrating the lesser-known stories of historic and contemporary LGBTQ+ role models and our Harris Experience Christies’ Leaders are ensuring we have long-term reminders of this work by producing five canvases of the role models that really impacted the student body. They, and other ambassadors that have promoted inclusivity are now wearing their Pride badges with pride and are looking forward to student-led action to raise the profile of equality issues in the coming year.