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The time for Year 11 to shine 🌞is finally here 🎉! Best wishes to each and everyone


Great parent session with GamCare this evening looking at the complexities of gaming and gambling for our young people. One parent said “really appreciate you offering this session: makes it easier for us parents navigating the complexity of these matters”


We are really happy with our new pavement


Daniel Anjorin, you were loved, cherished and will never be forgotten.


If you are interested in the terrible impact on children and families living long-term in unsuitable temporary accommodation, listen to this podcast - thank you to the parents who shared their stories


If you are interested in the terrible impact on children and families living long-term in unsuitable temporary accommodation, listen to this podcast - thank you to the parents who shared their stories


What a weekend of marathon fun! Congratulations to all who competed 👏🏼 There is still time to sponsor our academy




Mile 18! Smashing it!!


Team Smith!!!


Good luck to Miss Smith running the London Marathon today! 🏅We’re so proud of you raising much needed funds for 🏅🎉


RT : Ms Smith & Mrs Marshall are ready to cheer on our pupils running the


It’s MINI MARATHON DAY 🏃🏾‍♀️ Good luck to our children who are running today!


The posters are ready, the shirts are printed! Getting ready for Sunday! There is still time to show your support


If you report online, the same team will deal with your report in the same way. It's quick, convenient and means you won't wait in a queue.


WOW! HATO family- your community spirit never ceases to amaze us! Thank you to all who joined us for our annual Eid Tea Party today, it was so wonderful to see our community come together to celebrate by sharing food, laughter, games & dancing!


Our amazing practitioner Marina leading a parent workshop around anxiety this morning. Come and join us in the primary hall- we have coffee and biscuits too! ☕️


A busy day at the academy with Coach Andre from An inspiring assembly followed by running skills workshops for primary pupils! Creating a buzz around school with less than a week to go before Miss Smiths challenge!


Eid Mubarak to all of our community. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Eid. We look forward to welcoming you back to school next week & celebrating together at our annual Eid Tea Party! ☪️


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Posted on December 1st 2022

Sixth Form Enrichment Opportunities - Pictures & Info

Pathways and careers work with our students is integrated into the fabric of our sixth form. Here are just some of the recent opportunities.

November 2022 - We are so proud of our Y13s during their mocks. We believe you get what you work for, not what you wish for. We also firmly believe in looking after your wellbeing during times of additional pressure & are proud to have @Place2Be's Marina onsite. We also recommend @kooth_plc

Enrich 1

November 2022 - Our sixth formers are doing brilliant long-term work with AfroUrban Futures & developing creative media skills along the way - they had a great time at the studio! At 6F we believe in developing your creativity and in you contributing your voice to society.

Enrich 12

November 2022 – Some of our Senior Girls’ reflections on the match they had the opportunity to see on Saturday. Great event with Tyra of @Kinetic_Coach and Mr Stewart

Enrich 13

November 2022 - Ms Begum hosts a pretty excellent Study Club (Academic Achievement Club Tue-Fri)! At 6F, we are ambitious for, and with, our students - and work hard with them every day to ensure they achieve their best.

Enrich 14

November 2022 - Fantastic launch of our Senior Girls’ Football Club. Thank you to Tyra of @Kinetic_Coach - so excited to see this rolling ball pick up momentum with our lower school

Enrich 15

October 2022 - Thank you @weareLIS for coming in to speak to our Year 13s and broaden their view of “what next?” #Independence

Enrich 16

October 2022 - Fantastic session preparing presentations for @Macquarie with huge thanks to Laina and Amaal from @UpskillMe. We work hard to develop the whole of each of our students and believe that oracy is key.

Enrich 17

October 2022 - Our 6th Formers and 6th Form staff were out in 40-strong force to support our Kinetic students Emarjay, Sam I and captain Demmy in Welling! Nail-biting match…and our team were victorious

Enrich 18

October 2022 - Thank you to all the 6th formers who led our Black History Month Art Lunch on Tuesday! They opened up empathic conversations about identity and the history of protest with our younger pupils and created beautiful pieces in celebration of both. Well done!

Enrich 19

September 2022 - Students were taken outside their comfort zones during a brilliant trip to @hiveintheforest last week! Thank you for working with them on resilience & problem solving.

Enrich 110

September 2022 - Fantastic Perspectives afternoon on Wednesday: students working with @BehindEveryKick, @BeHerLead, Nick Brown, @HopeinHaringey & AfroUrban Futures.

Enrich 111

September 2022 - Parents, pupils, students & staff came together jointly for our @macmillancancer coffee & cake morning!

Enrich 113

July 2022 - Brilliant match with fantastic play by both HASJW and HATO Sixth Form boys' teams! A thrilling game, with a final 3-2 win for HATO.


July 2022 - Celebrating our students with a rewards trip to Clue Quest, Drifters Girl and Padel Club - for our students who have embodied our values of kindness, community, impact and independence this year.


July 2022 - Celebrating our women on Thursday at Harris Tottenham. Thank you so much to Haringey Women’s Football Club’s Karla, Katie and Bobby for putting our girls, Ms Greet, Ms Begum and Ms Howard through their paces! We're excited to continue our partnership building to become the girls' hub with Kinetic Foundation.


July 2022 - Huge thanks to Making the Leap, Jane Bradley of the New York Times, Jeff Skinner of Hope in Tottenham, Who.Wot.Why and John Egbo of NLPC for making our Year 12s' Curriculum Day an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional development.


July 2022 - Exciting to see our WEX wall fill up with all of the excellent opportunities our Year 12s have secured!!


June 2022 – A send-off in style! Wonderful celebration of our Year 13s at their End of Year Barbeque! Delicious food and the best of times celebrating their embodiment of our school values: Endeavour, Enjoy and Excel, and our Sixth Form values: Community, Kindness, Independence and Impact.



June 2022 - Phenomenal achievements by all our players and their Kinetic colleagues this season!! Excited for our Girls' kick-around with Haringey Women’s Football Club and our Kinetic HATO vs HASJW match on our end-of-term football day 14th July


June 2022 - The Tottenham Ten returned for the first time since 2019 with 20 sixth formers representing HATO, raising money for the Engine Room community centre's INSPIRE programme! Especial congratulations to Dominika, who won the Under 25s race - what an achievement.


June 2022 – Congratulations to our 1 1 sixth formers who presented their business plans on Friday after 2 terms of work with NLPC. Fantastic pitches!


May 2022 - Kinetic HATO champions play for BDO Accountancy and PwC!


May 2022 - Eight sixth formers visited Citi bank and gained first hand insight into the world of financial markets and got the unique opportunity to visit the trading floor.


May 2022 - At our outstanding Sixth Form, our students benefit from regular, ongoing personal and bespoke support in choosing their pathways. Exploring the frontiers of #uni destinations during our whole-cohort, tailored university visits to:

  • @UniofOxford
  • @UniofHerts
  • @lborouniversity
  • @covcampus





May 2022 – HATO’s very own Kinetic Team win the final of Tactic League, beating Elite Coaching Academy 3-0.


May 2022 - Said and Kai (Y12) have done hugely well to gain places on the very competitive Dev Neuro Summer School programme at King’s College London.


May 2022 - Brilliant session with Clive from Bedfordshire University gearing our Year 12 students up for their personal statements and understanding the UCAS timeline and process.


May 2022 - Alek and Shanon (Y12) have passed formidable entrance papers to take up 2 of just 17 Federation-wide places in the Maths, Engineering and Physics society.


May 2022 - 3 of our Year 12 aspiring medics did fantastically well to take all 3 of the places on a selective work experience placement with starting yesterday.


May 2022 - Our scholar, Alek, has made it to the top 16 in the British Youth Fencing Championship. We are so proud of the huge range of passions of our students and champion their success as academics and in the enriching activities that are the lifeblood of our school


April 2022 - 9 of our 6th Formers gained places on the competitive Aspiring Professionals Programme @SocialMobilityF. Well done to Dominika, Assana, Julia, Andreea, Khadija, Ife, Kiara, Tijhani and Khalid!


April 2022 – Fantastic!! Our very own HATO 6th form Kinetic graduate impresses again


April 2022 – Harris Fed Cup!


April 2022 – MET Police group session; we were delighted to host Charles Stephenson to work with our students and invite the MET Police Careers team in for a fayre with all our students.

April 2022 – celebrating our students who have been exemplary mentors, primary classroom support and outreach in the lower school and wider community.


March-June 2022 – Enterprise with NLPC - our students gained so much on their 11-week enterprise programme; it was brilliant to hear them talking confidently about their personal strengths.


March 2022 - Women in Finance teams get to work with UCL CTRL Your Tomorrow Diversity Programme.


March 2022 – Our scholars show their skills on the pitch with Kinetic and Corinthians.


February-March 2022 – Our PE department and Kinetic scholars work to develop coaching and play skills with lower school pupils.


February 2022 – London Careers Fair.


February 2022 – Wellcome Trust and Collection Careers’ trip.


February-April 2022 – LockerRoom sessions; managing performance related stress.


February 2022 Behind Every Kick celebration – we run weekly sessions throughout the year to prepare students for revision, resilience, pathways and community.


January 2022 – Utilita Football visit with Kinetic and Football Rebooted.


January 2022 – celebrating our students who have grabbed every pathways opportunity, applying for scolarships, mentoring programmes, work experiences



January 2022 – Groundswell Project visit – focussing on community.

January 2022 – Bold Voices – preparing for university: understanding consent and gender-based inequalities; what can we do?


January 2022 – Home Cooked: 15 researchers trained October-December and are working with NLPC, the Godwin Lawson Foundation well into the future.


January 2022 – Our Heritage Our Honour: building our young women’s voices and celebrating identity.


December 2021 - Delighted that over 25% of our students have applied to the Social Mobility Foundation APP City this year.


December 2021 – Learning between generations at the Priscilla Wakefield Care Home.


December 2021 – Our students are active in their school and wider community: distributing thank yous and raising money for the Trussell Trust Food Bank.











November 2021 – Solutions Not Sides: cultivating globally informed students.


November 2021 – Year 12 visit The Tate Modern, The Natural History Museum, the Wellcome Collection and the British Museum as part of our belief in cultural entitlement.


October 2021 – Our Sixth Form leaders ready with their donation to the British Red Cross: money raised as proceeds from student-coordinated professional clothes sale for the school community including family members currently seeking employment.



October 2021 – Workshop with IAmResilience: working on resilience and understanding the history of protest, employment rights, protected characteristics and civil rights.