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Fab job Year 4 for taking part in the Bikeability level 1 - we are all proud of you!


Well done to all the children in Primary for their great efforts in the walk to school week


Our students are enjoying the sunshine in Alicante


Our students are really getting stuck in on their trip to Alicante


Our trip to the Science Museum was so much fun - very proud of our student's behaviour


Our Year 8 students had a wonderful time visiting Alexandra Palace


Congratulations to Columbinus Louisy - Chartwell's unit manager and team - who achieved the top rating 5 for food hygiene at Harris Academy Tottenham. Well done!


The opening of our sports hall was a great occasion


Very proud of our students at the opening of our new sports hall


Impressed by the talent performing at the opening of our new sports hall


A lovely picture of our principal, Ms Kattenhorn, with Stormzy as he opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


A message from Stormzy who opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


Looking forward to our workshop for students interested in a career in medicine


Looking forward to DofE and planning our next steps at the meeting on Friday


My tutor group are keen to start using our new sports facilities


Excited to take my house to see the new sports hall


Looking forward to our celebration assemblies tomorrow


A huge well done to Year 3 and 4 for such a great music performance today. We were all very impressed!


Well done to all our Year 3 and 4 children who made excellent egg scenes for our Easter Exhibition. They were all amazing!


A huge well done to our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children for making wonderful Easter bonnets and putting on an amazing Easter Bonnet Parade!

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Year 1

The Year 1 class is led by Ms McCall.  She will be helped by the Assistant Class Teacher, Mr Buraimoh, and Ms Gaumah, Ms Mulligan and Ms Bairam who are teaching assistants.

This half term our topic is London.  We will be learning all about our Local Area including our ever changing school grounds!

We will practise phonics, reading and spelling in our Read, Write Inc. lessons and will write in a variety of genres in our Literacy lessons. We will focus on some lovely stories including; Bear about Town, Katie in London and the story of Peter Pan.

In Maths, we will be practising counting and writing numbers, making number bonds and number patterns and adding and subtracting.

In Science, we will look at everyday materials. We will be learning to identify different materials, finding out what materials are magnetic and carry out some exciting experiments.

Autumn 1

Our new Puffins have had a fantastic start to Year One. They are certainly already excelling, endeavouring and enjoying their learning.  In maths, we have been working with numbers from 0-20: making, counting, drawing and comparing amounts. In English, we have been reading Katie in London and writing postcards and invitations. This links into our geography topic, ‘Our Local Area’ where we are exploring maps and directions.

Challenge: Can you learn your address?

Image result for reading

In Art, we are working with clay to make our own sculptures. In science, we have been exploring materials and their properties.


The class are really enjoying Mathletics. Who can earn a certificate at home this week? Do not forget your library books each Wednesday for a fresh adventure into reading!

Autumn 2

In Maths, we are investigating numbers 0 to 100. We use ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ to understand place value. We love to show numbers in different ways and talk about how we work things out. We are comparing, adding and taking away numbers practically and mentally.

To launch our first History topic, we went on a class trip to the V&A Museum of Childhood. We loved looking at (and playing with!) all the old toys. We are using lots of new language to describe and compare toys. We are thinking about how things have changed over time. This half term in literacy, we are also looking at poetry and non-fiction texts all about Toys!

We launched our Science topic, Plants, visiting the park. We looked closely at trees and their fallen leaves before drawing observational drawings back in class. We are learning about types of plants and how to classify them.  In our first DT project, we will be making our own rolling toys suitable for toddlers. We have looked closely at what a toy needs to make it roll and are beginning to make our own toys. In computing, we are learning to programme ‘beebots’, deciding where and when they move.

Spring 1

We launched our topic Weather with exciting activities to create fog, windmills and even a tornado! Our literacy books, ‘Come on, Rain!’ and ‘The Wind Blew’ have inspired us to write some lovely stories and we are now looking at poetry to describe the weather. In science and geography, we have been exploring seasons, weather forecasts and reporting. In maths, we have been learning to tell the time. We have also been consolidating our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction. We have been identifying odds/evens and finding doubles/halves. We have used watercolours, collage and oil pastels to produce some fantastic artwork to match our weather theme. In computing, we have also used our artistic skills to become digital illustrators! As always, we are enjoying our Spanish lessons, where we are continuing to practise our greetings and counting. Ask us to teach you!   

Next half term we will be learning all about Castles in history, literacy and DT. We will also be looking at measurement, multiplication and division in maths. There is so much more exciting learning on its way!

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