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Fab job Year 4 for taking part in the Bikeability level 1 - we are all proud of you!


Well done to all the children in Primary for their great efforts in the walk to school week


Our students are enjoying the sunshine in Alicante


Our students are really getting stuck in on their trip to Alicante


Our trip to the Science Museum was so much fun - very proud of our student's behaviour


Our Year 8 students had a wonderful time visiting Alexandra Palace


Congratulations to Columbinus Louisy - Chartwell's unit manager and team - who achieved the top rating 5 for food hygiene at Harris Academy Tottenham. Well done!


The opening of our sports hall was a great occasion


Very proud of our students at the opening of our new sports hall


Impressed by the talent performing at the opening of our new sports hall


A lovely picture of our principal, Ms Kattenhorn, with Stormzy as he opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


A message from Stormzy who opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


Looking forward to our workshop for students interested in a career in medicine


Looking forward to DofE and planning our next steps at the meeting on Friday


My tutor group are keen to start using our new sports facilities


Excited to take my house to see the new sports hall


Looking forward to our celebration assemblies tomorrow


A huge well done to Year 3 and 4 for such a great music performance today. We were all very impressed!


Well done to all our Year 3 and 4 children who made excellent egg scenes for our Easter Exhibition. They were all amazing!


A huge well done to our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children for making wonderful Easter bonnets and putting on an amazing Easter Bonnet Parade!

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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and British Values

Statement On The Promotion Of British Values

Background and Rationale

Though it has acquired a greater urgency in recent months, the importance of schools espousing British values is not new:

  • The 2008 National Curriculum includes the following statement:

The school curriculum should contribute to the development of pupils’ sense of identity through knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritages of Britain’s diverse society and of the local, national, European, Commonwealth and global dimensions of their lives

  • The 2011 Teachers’ Standards state, as part of teachers’ personal and professional conduct:

Teachers uphold public trust in the profession and maintain high standards of ethics and behaviour, within and outside school, by not undermining fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • These values support the national Prevent Strategy, put before Parliament in 2011 by the Home Secretary as a response to radicalisation of British citizens.

The Prevent Strategy recognises the importance of schools in counter-terrorism activities. Consequently, all schools need a clear statement of British values and how they are promoted through the school’s curriculum.

What is meant by “British Values”?

We believe that the following list exemplifies some of the values held dear by British citizens:

  • Democracy
  • Respect of the rule of law
  • Appreciation of the rights of other citizens
  • Individual liberty
  • The promotion of opportunities for all
  • Support for those who cannot, by themselves, sustain a dignified life-style
  • Religious tolerance and respect for cultural diversity
  • Treating others with fairness
  • Participation in community life
  • The contribution to, as well as the benefit from, cultural and economic resources

Although this list is not exhaustive, we believe it encapsulates the attitudes Harris Academy Tottenham values and seeks to inculcate in its young people. We place emphasis on building positive relationships in school between students and between staff and students throughout all Key Stages. We strongly believe students should not merely be taught such values but that they are embedded into school life. We strive to support our students to develop into confident, happy, successful young adults who have an empathy and understanding of those less fortunate than themselves – thereby preparing them for life in modern Britain where they will feel confident to support each other and to and stand up to discrimination and challenge extremist attitudes. This awareness underpins the academic curriculum and is taught in every subject in a variety of traditional and innovative ways.

How does Harris Academy Tottenham go about promoting these values?

At Harris Academy Tottenham we believe that our statement of vision and values - found on the school’s website - makes explicit our fundamental belief in many of these values. This statement is the foundation of all our work with our students.

British values are embodied in the following more specific ways:

  • Our school’s motto is “Enjoy, Endeavour, Excel”. All students are regularly spoken to about the importance of these three attributes for success in school. Explanations of each of the three points are provided visually all around the school for the benefit of our community and for visitors.
  • Our school mantra is said in every tutorial and every assembly:

"I will endeavor to do my very best, to open my mind to new ideas and collaborate with others, to excel in my own learning."

  • In the Secondary phase, students participate in one 40 minute tutorial per week of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education from Years 7-11, with an additional period a week in Years 7 and 8.
  • The PSHE curriculum has a British Values module in each of the Key Stages which are revisited every year and contains the following directly relevant elements:
    • What does it mean to be British?
    • Crime and the law.
    • Local citizenship and the importance of voting in a democracy.
    • Human rights and responsibilities.
    • Extremism and terrorism.
  • House Assemblies, held weekly and led by the Head of House or a senior member of staff, focus on many of these identified elements through their weekly themes.
  • The school’s system of organising students in Houses encourages involvement of every pupil in school life. There is a Student Parliament where each tutor group elects its own MP. These feed into a whole school which encourages active participation in the school community.
  • Safeguarding procedures (including the monitoring of the internet, identifying any concerns or patterns of usage).
  • Staff are trained through CPD to be aware of/monitor changes in behaviour which may indicate a change in beliefs and this is reinforced through a strong pastoral system. They are the positive examples for modelling behaviour and setting standards for attitudes and behaviour in school. This promotes equality for all and inclusive teaching, whilst celebrating diversity.
  • Students in all Key Stages are proactive in celebrating British Values through their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. They support others in an enthusiastic and rigorous fashion which includes – but is in no means exhaustive -  the Shoe Box Appeal, Food Bank Appeal,  Children in Need and Charity Week. Students also act as volunteers both in school and in the wider community, as well as participating in whole school celebrations of many religious and cultural festivities.These provide opportunities to explore different religions and to understand people of other faiths and cultures by challenging stereotypes.