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Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

We are having a great time at Haringey Careers Fair meeting with some super potential students


Retweetd From Goksel Calli


So lovely to welcome our own Harris Academy Tottenham pupils to their own stand


We are having a great time at Haringey Careers Fair meeting with some super potential students


Looking forward to welcoming potential pupils at the Haringey Careers Fair


Brilliant to see


Retweetd From Woodside High School

We are not biased - our students are genuinely the best! Such amazing young people commanding the attention of a hall full of adults - they are real leaders and inspired us all


Retweetd From Goksel Calli

I got caught in the action 😁


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Come & chat with our lovely tutors on 5th Nov'19 5-7pm. Ask anything you'd like to know about , over light refreshments (We're also hoping to see some from our 8th floor training base!) 1TZ


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

What an amazing China trip. 31 students from and have landed in Vienna after 7 full days in Shanghai and Xi’an, China!! Terracotta warriors were amazing!!


What can I do to improve my child’s life chances? Reading fiction every day improves 15-year-olds' Pisa scores, but reading non-fiction, magazines and comics has no impact, research finds


It is yes. Was there a particular subject you wanted?


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Retweetd From Isobel Hunter

I’m Chief Executive of Libraries Connected and parent of a child in an inner city school and I believe every child deserves a (and my child’s school not only has a great library but also a great librarian! )


Retweetd From Christopher Bean

Go Harris Tottenham!


Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

What an impressive collection of donations for the Haringey Food Bank


Worried? Anxious? Dominated by low mood? This morning our students are learning in assembly how to cope and deal with stress and feelings of lack of self-worth. We are here for you all


What an impressive collection of donations for the Haringey Food Bank


What an impressive collection of donations for the Haringey Food Bank


Ms Smith dropping off our harvest donations to the food bank

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Independent Learning

At Harris Academy Tottenham, we believe that there is significant value in Independent Learning tasks for students, as students prepare for the learning taking place, revise and practice skills taught in the classtroom, and develop their organisational and time management skills.

We also believe that this is a partnership between all stakeholders.

Teachers will ensure that tasks are set regularly, and is meaningful.

Students will ensure that these tasks are completed to the best of their ability, presented well and submitted at the agreed deadline.

We expect Parents to take an active role in supporting their child's independent learning. This will happen through two key areas;

- The Student Planner - you will sign the planner weekly, ensuring that you are aware of the work that has been set. There is an opportunity to write to class teachers or tutors through the comments page, for clarity or further exemplification.

- Show my Homework - A web based application that allows parents, students and staff to communicate with relation to homework that has been set.

The student planner format allows you to quickly and visibly see which subjects have set independent learning tasks in any given week.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often will independent learning tasks be set?

This will vary depending on the subject, but as a rough guide we should expect:

English - Twice a week

Maths - Twice a week

Science - Once a week

Humanities (Geography, History and RE) - Once a week (Alternating)

Spanish - Once a week

Performing Arts (Drama, Music) - Once a Week (Alternating)

Creative Arts (DT, Art) - Once a week (Alternating)

PE - Half termly project

How long should I spend on independent learning tasks?

Of course, it depends on the task and where appropriate specific guidance will be given.  However, students should be spending a minimum of 30 minutes completing a task.

This should mean that if students are managing their time appropriately, they are spending at least one hour each evening completing their tasks.

Is there an Independent Learning Timetable?

We have decided not to publish a timetable, so that both students and staff have the flexibility to set tasks which are meaningful and relevant to the specific scheme of learning.

Tutors will work with students on time management approaches where appropriate.

How long will I have to complete a task?

Staff will usually give students a week to complete a task. Occasionally a shorter deadline may be given. If students struggle to meet that deadline, they should speak to their teacher before the deadline in the first instance.

Is there an Independent Learning club?

There will be an independent learning club established in the first half term. Full details will be posted here in due course, and advertised though tutor times.

What if I need help?

If we need help completing a task, we can ask our class teachers. Sometimes this may mean making an appointment to meet them and talk through the task.

What if I miss a deadline?

If a task is not submitted, we would allocate a 30 minute detention. A new deadline would be negotiated with the student.

If there are exceptional circumstances, please bring a note explaining these to your class teacher.

What if my work is not up to the required standard?

We expect independent learning tasks to be well presented, and reflect high levels of effort. If we make mistakes, that is fine - it is part of the learning process. We may receive opportunities to redraft and reflect upon work completed.

If our work is not completed to an appropriate standard, the teacher will make a decision about the appropriate sanction.