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How do you look after your mental health? Get an action plan and advice from


Festival of Litter | We repeatedly inform about the graffiti, human fast food litter & rubbish bags that get dumped in this stretch of Warermead Road & Burdock Road in | we hope someone will clear it soon. |


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


A stunning close up of a biro-only ink sketch in tribute of Kobe Bryant


Oranges are not the only fruit ... | a quite remarkable art exhibition on the Tottenham site from the Year 10-12 students


Look what’s coming ....March & Careers Ed


Victory Youth Group are in today leading performance based workshops with our Year 9s looking at drug and alcohol awareness.


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We're today delivering workshops as part of their curriculum day.


Year 8 are taking part in workshops with Collage Voices based on Hate Crime today.


Year 10 are out on a trip today at the Imperial War Museum as part of our Curriculum Day.


It's the start of our second Curriculm Day today. Year 7 are spending the day thinking about their House Charity. Pythagoras are supporting the RSPCA and we have Ella in leading a discussion with the students.


Harris Tottenham is promoting the fun of the -


Our Primary Digital Leaders are out representing HATO at the BT Tower for safer internet day!


Tijhani achieved a stunning 2nd place in the Haringey Borough Championships for speaking -


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Our third of the week saw Jess Bailey Ryan become the new Regional Champion! 2nd place was Tijhani & 3rd place Ubaidul Every speaker should be feeling proud! 👍


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Please complete the Local Authority's SEND Transport questionaire and make sure that your voice is heard in shaping the tranport service for your child(ren) and for all families.


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


One of the first evenings when the end of school is still light! Intervention for year 11 driving students on to have better results in the dying light of Twilight


Four 6th formers heading off v early in the morning tomorrow to | it will be a profound, disturbing and educative time for them and the two teachers who accompany them - thanks to for this brilliant programme |

Harris Academies
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Safety and Relationships

Safety and Relationships Education (SRE) forms part of the PSHE curriculum, and this year, will be taught explicitly during the week beginning the 17th June. The PSHE curriculum covers personal, social, health and economic education and is taught weekly to all children from Reception upwards.

The main purpose of the teaching is to provide children with information about growing up, safety and knowledge about relationships, staying safe online, understanding emotions and who can help us.

Different activities will be included to support the teaching and learning including circle time discussions, group work, drawing pictures, role play, writing and labelling images.

We also have a series of themed PSHE weeks that are celebrated across all year groups throughout the year, including the following:

  • Friendship Week
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Kindness Week
  • Pride Week
  • Green Week
  • Walk to School Week

The topic areas that will be covered during SRE week are:


My body: External body parts

My body: Keeping clean (teach as a group activity)

Keeping safe: People who can help me

Feelings: What to do if we feel sad

Year 1

My Body: Internal body parts

Life Cycles: Different ages

Life Cycles: Looking after babies

Keeping safe: Out and about

Feelings: Different emotions

Relationships: Friends

Year 2

Keeping safe: In the house

*Relationships: Different families

Online technology safety: Taking care online: personal details

Online technology safety: Taking care online: Who can help us?

Gender stereotypes/Celebrating difference: Similar and different

Gender stereotypes/Celebrating difference: Toys

Year 3

My body: Keeping clean

Life cycles: Growing up and getting older

Life cycles: Me, myself and I

Keeping safe: People who can help me

Feelings: Expressing our feelings

Feelings: Managing our feelings

Relationships: What makes a good friend?

Relationships: Getting on with your family

Year 4

My body:  body parts – male

My body:  body parts – female

Keeping safe: Personal space

Keeping safe: Identifying risk

Online technology safety: Photos of myself online

Online technology safety: Taking care online: Who can help us?

Gender stereotypes/Celebrating difference: Jobs we do

Gender stereotypes/Celebrating difference: Mothers and fathers