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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Most Able Provision

'The greater the challenge, the more joy there is in overcoming it'



At Harris Academy Tottenham, we are committed to ensuring that all learners, including the most able, are stretched and challenged in order to meet their full potential.

There is a comprehensive provision on offer, that ranges from challenging and personalised in class support, to a range of experiences beyond the curriculum to enhance the learning experience.

Our coordinator for Most Able provision is Mr Kacar.

Working in Partnership

Most Able children often show signs of advanced development from an early age. Parents will probably notice that their child is more able than his or her peers, and this will usually be confirmed by friends, health visitors, doctors and playgroup teachers. Most Able characteristics can include a wide vocabulary, a powerful memory, intense curiosity and concentration, a wide general knowledge, a vivid imagination and strong feelings and emotions. 

Parents can support children in a variety of ways, such as taking them to museums and galleries, actively encouraging their hobbies, reading to them and developing their curiosity through questioning them. Most Able children often like playing games and solving puzzles, and enjoy interacting both with adults and their peers.

The Harris Experience

The Harris Experience offers our students  the chance to participate fully with other Most Able students across the Federation in order to broaden their cultural and academic experiences. The Harris Experience is designed to give them outstanding preparation for some of the country’s top university destinations, including Oxford and Cambridge. In the long term, we see the programme shaping future leaders in all walks of life.


Title Date  
More Able Policy 2016-17 29th Sep 2016 Download