Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Our Vision and Values

Our Values

At Harris Academy Tottenham, we instil an ethos of hard work, dedication and commitment to learning, through our Academy values. These are:


Endeavour -  To ENDEAVOUR is to strive for your goals, through maintaining the highest expectations of ourselves.

Enjoy - To ENJOY is to take delight and pleasure in the learning process; To gain a feeling of success through relentless passion and drive.

Excel - To EXCEL is to achieve your full potential, through mastery of concepts and an ambition to be the best you can be.



Each morning, students are reminded of our Academy mantra. We share this to remind ourselves of the purpose of our learning;

"I will endeavour to do my very best, to open my mind to new ideas and collaborate with others, to excel in my own learning."


The hallmarks of a Harris Academy

It is the simplest of things that make Harris Academies schools where children enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching.

If you come to a Harris Academy you will always find:

  • Traditional uniforms with smart and tidy students who take pride in themselves and in their Academy
  • Self-disciplined, well-mannered students who are respectful of each other and their teachers
  • A personal best culture with students who look forward to coming to school each day
  • Well trained and highly resourced teachers who are ambitious for every student and ensure they are making the progress expected or preferably doing even better than this
  • A Principal who knows the name and aspirations of every student

Things you will never find in a Harris Academy:

  • Uninspired teaching
  • Litter in the corridors or playground
  • Graffiti on desks, on the toilet doors or anywhere else
  • Students using mobile phones
  • A child with nothing to do