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Retweetd From Laura Harvey

Off to Academy this morning to deliver an assembly with on all things


Retweetd From Strengthening Minds

Brilliant sessions and today. Only week 2 and already some fantastic progress being made. Helping Young People Grow 💪🏻


It was really great to have students at Priscilla Wakefield house this week, to perform for the residents.


Such a successful Winter Show last week - huge thank you to Ms O'Keeffe and the Performing Arts team for an outstanding production!


Retweetd From Harris Experience

Looking back on our visit to with our Year 10 students last week - a fantastic time had by all!


Retweetd From HarrisTottenham

Tickets selling fast for this years Winter Concert. Hope to see you there!


Retweetd From Harris Tottenham Sixth Form

Great to be at today for the Post 16 event. Very much hope to see you at our forthcoming events.


Great speeches for our Student Parliament elections across the whole Academy last week! Well done to all!


Great to have our Road Safety theatre production for Year 7 today!


Tickets selling fast for this years Winter Concert. Hope to see you there!


Our teachers are running a marathon this December for . See the link below:


Thank-you to all those involved in the primary bake sale. We raised £130 for Children in need!


Retweetd From Harris Tottenham Sixth Form

Great to be at tonight for the Post 16 evening. Great students!


Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the phonics workshop today in Primary.


Thanks to all who attended our Y10 intervention evening tonight - a helpful reminder of the journey ahead towards fantastic GCSE results!


Reminder: Academic Review Day is this Friday. Please make sure you have your appointment time with your child's tutor.


Thank you to those who attended our EYFS Open evening last night. Places available for September 2018.


Thank you to those who attended Open Evening last night. Applications now open online


We had a very special visitor last week! Looking forward to sharing photos soon! Thank you to all parents who attended


Great PSHE day on Friday. Thank you to for your support

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


“There are three types of students. Some make wonders happen, some watch wonders happen and some wonder what will happen.” 



Have you considered how often we experience STEM in our lives? Science is our natural world, sun, moon and stars…lands and oceans…weather, natural disasters, the diversity of nature, animals (large, small, microbial)…plants and food…the fuel that heats our homes and powers transportation…The list is almost endless. In today’s world, technology means computers and smartphones, but it goes back to television, radio, microscopes, telegraph, telescopes, the compass, and even the first wheel. Yes, engineering designs buildings, roads, and bridges, but it also tackles today’s challenges of transportation, global warming and environment-friendly machines, appliances and systems. We only have to look around to see what improvements to our lives and our homes have been engineered in the last decade alone. We encounter mathematics at the grocery store, the bank, on tax forms, in dealing with investments and the family budget. Every other STEM field depends on mathematics. STEM is important, because it pervades every aspect of our daily lives.

Here at Harris Academy Tottenham we aim to set projects for students that will allow them to develop their skills and stretch their imagination to problem solve and create solutions. Harris Tottenham has close links with STEMNET and other STEM Educational organizations, this allows our pupils further opportunities that they may not necessary get exposure to in a traditional school. We also aim to work with upcoming Digital Technological companies based in Haringey to enhance the pupil experience, so they can gain a better understanding of the importance of STEM in their future.




Mr A Johnson

Ms S Sen

Ms L Youens

Mr R Higgs

Ms S Dalati

Ms F D'Alessio

Mr R Upton

Mr E Cepe

Mr M Swapp

Mr A Richardson



Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students will focus on developing their Inter-personal skills, through engaging in challenges and several projects through the year and showcase the skills that they had gained by creating presentations, posters, videos etc. The work created will be assessed by their peers and teacher which would help form a STEM skill target. Their ability to work effectively in a team, communicate with their peers, use their imagination and build prototypes for their ideas, turning them into reality.

In Year 8 pupils will be given responsibility for organizing, and planning events in school and getting involved with projects in the community. The selection of projects run in Year 8 will largely focus on the skills that they require for their future. The highlight for pupils in Year 8 would be the final project of the year, where they will plan and organize HATO’s Annual Cultural Evening. This will require them to liaise with staff members, community members, other pupils to put on a show that displays the diversity at HATO.

Extra Curricular

STEM Club - Wednesday Evening - SC2


STEM Enrichment - Model Planes and Cars

Useful Resources

Independent Learning Resources

ILT will be mostly based around research and planning. Students are expected to research tested methods via the internet, library or by talking to friends and family.  Information that they collect from ILTs can be used in class to help improve their planning and building stages of the project.


All details to be posted on 'Show my Homework'.