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Do get back if you wish. Happy to help


Thank you to all parents who attended our Acrive and Safe Travel coffee morning


Im sorry you’ve not been well served today. We have three receptions on telephones all day. Perhaps try the school email below where we can get back immediately. Or DM me here and I can answer any queries in here


Parents - please help us to help your child in safely walking to school. The Tottenham Hale construction works present a year long significant change to the route to school. Letter out to everyone tomorrow.


‘Half-civilised ferocity’: how English, Drama and Creative Writing can I pick colonial attitudes in A Level texts trip - look how much fun our students are having books


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We are having a great time at Haringey Careers Fair meeting with some super potential students


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So lovely to welcome our own Harris Academy Tottenham pupils to their own stand


We are having a great time at Haringey Careers Fair meeting with some super potential students


Looking forward to welcoming potential pupils at the Haringey Careers Fair


Brilliant to see


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We are not biased - our students are genuinely the best! Such amazing young people commanding the attention of a hall full of adults - they are real leaders and inspired us all


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I got caught in the action 😁


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Come & chat with our lovely tutors on 5th Nov'19 5-7pm. Ask anything you'd like to know about , over light refreshments (We're also hoping to see some from our 8th floor training base!) 1TZ


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What an amazing China trip. 31 students from and have landed in Vienna after 7 full days in Shanghai and Xi’an, China!! Terracotta warriors were amazing!!


What can I do to improve my child’s life chances? Reading fiction every day improves 15-year-olds' Pisa scores, but reading non-fiction, magazines and comics has no impact, research finds


It is yes. Was there a particular subject you wanted?


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I’m Chief Executive of Libraries Connected and parent of a child in an inner city school and I believe every child deserves a (and my child’s school not only has a great library but also a great librarian! )


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Go Harris Tottenham!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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A-Level Religious Studies – Philosophy and Ethics

A Level Religious Studies – Philosophy and Ethics

Specification: Edexcel

Method of Assessment: Examination – 100%

Course Overview:

Over the two years, students will study Islam with Quranic text, wisdom sources, traditions and teachings.

Students will be studying philosophical and ethical questions which will help them to critically analyse the religion. Students will study Islam primarily but this does not mean that other religions will not be discussed. Religious studies is a thought provoking subject and the contemporary themes will help to inspire engaging classroom discussion.

The course is 100% examination with the students sitting 3 examinations; one in the Philosophy of Religion, one in Ethics and one in Islam.


Units Studied:


Unit 1: Philosophy of Religion 33.3%

Text Box: A2 Topics:
The challenge from science
The nature and role of religion 
Religious experience 
Religious language 
Self and life after death 
Ontological Argument
Language games

In depth study of Philosophical issues and questions;. The following topics will be studied throughout AS and A2.

AS Topics:


Life after death

Sources of wisdom and authority

Arguments for the existence of God

Evil and suffering

Religious experience

Design argument

Cosmological Argument


Unit 2: Ethics 33.3%

In depth study of how ethical theory has underpinned Christian teachings. The following topics will be studied throughout AS and A2.

Text Box: A2 Topics:
Christian religious identity Christianity and religious pluralism
Issues of non-human life and death
Free will and moral responsibility Conscience 
Sexual Ethics
War and peace

AS Topics:

Natural Moral Law

Environemental issues


Virtue Ethics

Situation Ethics



Embryo research


Animal rights


A2 Topics:

Unit 2: Study of Religion- Islam 33.3%

Text Box: AS Topics:
The interpretation and application of the Six Beliefs
the meaning and significance of the life and work of the Prophet Muhammad in its historical, political and religious context
The key events in the life of Muhammad and his sayings as basis for Muslim living
The interpretation, significance of the Qur’an
The central role of the five pillars in Islam
The Ummah as expression of Islamic identity

A2 Topics:

The origins and features of the differences between the teachings of Sunni and Shi’a Muslims after the death of the Prophet Muhammad
The importance of the rightly guided Caliphs in Islam

The significance of the martyrdom of Hussain in Shi’a history

The development of the rise in Sufism in Islam

The relationship between Islam  and science

Comparative study of Jihad with the work of the scholars

Entry Requirements:

Students require a minimum of 7 GCSE’s at grade 5 or above or equivalent, including English (Literature or Language) and Mathematics, with at least a grade 6 in Religious Studies.

Reading Materials / Resources:

The Puzzle of Ethics – Peter Vardy

The Puzzle of God – Peter Vardy

Sophie’s world – Jostein Gaarder

Career Opportunities

Literature is a well-respected degree with many employers. It can lead to a gateway of opportunities including:

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Civil Service
  • Teaching
  • Media and PR

Philosophy and Ethics gives excellent transferrable skills, including comparison, analysis and reasoning which are recognised by UCAS and beyond.

For more information, please contact Ms Suleman c/o

Please mark FAO and contact name in the subject of the email.