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Fab job Year 4 for taking part in the Bikeability level 1 - we are all proud of you!


Well done to all the children in Primary for their great efforts in the walk to school week


Our students are enjoying the sunshine in Alicante


Our students are really getting stuck in on their trip to Alicante


Our trip to the Science Museum was so much fun - very proud of our student's behaviour


Our Year 8 students had a wonderful time visiting Alexandra Palace


Congratulations to Columbinus Louisy - Chartwell's unit manager and team - who achieved the top rating 5 for food hygiene at Harris Academy Tottenham. Well done!


The opening of our sports hall was a great occasion


Very proud of our students at the opening of our new sports hall


Impressed by the talent performing at the opening of our new sports hall


A lovely picture of our principal, Ms Kattenhorn, with Stormzy as he opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


A message from Stormzy who opened our fabulous new sports hall yesterday


Looking forward to our workshop for students interested in a career in medicine


Looking forward to DofE and planning our next steps at the meeting on Friday


My tutor group are keen to start using our new sports facilities


Excited to take my house to see the new sports hall


Looking forward to our celebration assemblies tomorrow


A huge well done to Year 3 and 4 for such a great music performance today. We were all very impressed!


Well done to all our Year 3 and 4 children who made excellent egg scenes for our Easter Exhibition. They were all amazing!


A huge well done to our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children for making wonderful Easter bonnets and putting on an amazing Easter Bonnet Parade!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














EYFS - Reception

The Reception class is led by Ms Tam. She is helped by Ms Henry and Ms Fidnik who are teaching assistants.


Welcome to Reception! We are so thrilled that your child will be starting their learning journey with us at Harris Academy Tottenham.

As previously discussed at our welcome meeting, home visits will commence from the 4th September 2018. This is an informal meeting to support your child’s transition for when they start at the Academy. If you need to discuss your appointment time for your home visit, please do not hesitate to contact the main office.

Children in reception will start the Academy with a phased transition, to ensure it is a successful and positive experience for them.

On Wednesday 12th September 2018: Your child will attend either the morning or afternoon session. This has already been sent to you and will be confirmed at your home visit.

On Thursday 13th September 2018: Your child will attend for the morning and lunchtime. Children will then be picked up at 12.30pm. Children will be given a school lunch. If you would prefer your child to have a packed lunch, please send this in a named packed lunch box.

On Friday 14th September 2018: Your child will attend for the full day and need to be picked up at 3.20pm.

Autumn 1

Robin class have had a fantastic first few weeks at school! They have all settled in exceptionally well and they are an absolute pleasure to teach. For the first weeks of the half term, we were learning ‘All About Me’ where we talked all about our families and what they do at home.  We have now launched our topic of ‘People Who Help Us”. We are very excited to tell you that we have visits lined up from a Nurse and various other people who help us every day. If you have any family or friends who would be interested in visiting Robin Class to tell us all about what they do to help, we would greatly appreciate it. Please do let a member of the EYFS team know.  In maths, we will be learning different ways to count objects securely and confidently up to 20 to help us understand the relationship between the numeral and quantity. In Literacy we are reading and learning lots of different stories all about bears including ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Gruffalo’, ask your child about the story we are learning at the moment and they will tell you lots of exciting things about it such as who the ‘Author’ is and what their job is. A date for your diary; next half term, our topic is Pirates, Knights and Princesses and our launch day will be on Friday 9th November where the children are invited to come into school as a Pirate, a Knight or a Princess. There will be more information to follow.

Autumn 2

Image result for princess cartoon

In Robin class, we have been learning about Pirates, Knights and Princesses. We launched our topic by having a dress up day in our first week back. We all came into school dressed as a Pirate, Knight or a Princess it was so much fun! When we came into school, we did a presentation to all our friends explaining what we had come into school dressed as and why. We created our very own shields and many of us came up with our own pictures to represent different things. One shield had a drawing of a lion to show that we are ‘brave’ and a rainbow to show we are always ‘happy’. We also made our own crowns and decorated them beautifully! However, we did learn that you cannot be a real queen until you have been ‘coroneted’ so there were many coronations happening in our role-play castle this day! We had our very own pirate ship outside and were making treasure maps to hunt down the treasure by finding the ‘X marks the spot’.  We have been thoroughly enjoying this topic and all the different activities we have done! We have learnt so many exciting things about Pirates, Knights and Princesses!

This half term Robin class have been learning the story ‘There was a princess long ago’ in literacy, we can retell you the whole story using the song as well as with sign language.  We really enjoyed the story so we are becoming authors and have started to write our own version. So far, we have titled it ‘There was a pirate long ago’ and have voted, as a class, for the characters to be an ‘evil captain’ and an ‘evil green mouse with big green eyes’ as the captain’s pet.! In Maths, we have been working with numbers 0-10, ordering them and looking at their value with many different representations including numicon. We are also learning to compare and measure lengths with different objects. In topic, we have been learning about Princesses, Knights and Pirates. We have been trialling and testing a variety of things in the lessons such as, different shapes of a shield and different materials we could use to make a castle stronger. We have been really enjoying all the little experiments and we would be happy to share our findings with you! Next term our topic will be Seasons where we will be looking at the different weather through the year in our country and around the world. We will be opening a travel agent as our indoor role-play and outside there will be an ‘airport’ for children to jet off around the world where they will need to pack for the appropriate weather and remember their passports! If anyone has any suitcases at home that they do not need any more we would greatly appreciate them to enhance our role-play area!

Spring 1

This half term, Robin class has been learning two stories in Literacy, both of which have the same title ‘One Snowy Night’. We compared the two stories and learnt to map the story on a story map. We have been narrating the stories and acting them out. Please ask us to retell the story! Miss Tam has recorded our performance and the video will be shown after the ‘Show my Learning Journal Party’, do stay behind to enjoy the video! In Maths, we have been working on number bonds. We used numicon to make marks on playdough and found two pieces of numicon that would fit into the mark. We can show you how to find the number bonds of a number with different methods. We are also learning about patterns. We know that pattern is a repeated design and we can create our own patterns using different colours, shapes, sizes and many other things.

In topic, we have been learning all about the four seasons. We studied things we can see, hear and feel in different seasons. We love all the seasons as there are many exciting things going on in different time of the year. Next term our topic will be Traditional Tales where we will be looking at different version of stories. We will have the Three Little Pigs’ house as our indoor role-play and hopefully the big bad wolf will not blow the house down! For outside role-play area, we will have the Three Billy Goats Gruff area where we become the goats and try to cross the bridge. To prepare for our launch day, it would be greatly appreciated if we can borrow some of your cookie cutters at home for 1-2 days.