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Retweetd From Haringey

If your home or business has been affected by today’s flooding and you are in need of assistance, please call 0208 489 0000 and choose option 4 to speak to our out of hours emergency team.


executive principal accompanies 2 year 10 students to observe a citizenship ceremony at George Meehan House Haringey and have tea with the mayor | thank you too the mayor for his invitation |


Retweetd From Collage Voices

Thank you for funding this through , and to the amazing talented young people St Thomas More Catholic School and who participated in the programme. ❤️


A quick thank you to our facilities team who have done a quick pre-summer trim of some our trees so they don’t obscure the road signs.


Excitement is building for the Year 6 graduation at Harris Tottenham


Retweetd From Lib Peck

Exciting coalition of organisations coming together , & to lead local change. Launch of Haringey programme today with Thanks to pupils & staff


Retweetd From Haringey

It was a big day for youngsters at with the launch of project that aims to tackle youth violence & build a stronger, safer, & more inclusive Tottenham Hale. , , were among a number of guests to show their support


Retweetd From Haringey Labour

Fantastic launch event today at to launch the project to tackle youth violence in Tottenham Hale to build a stronger, safer, and more inclusive Tottenham Thanks so much to everyone involved 🙏


Retweetd From Bridge Renewal Trust

We are excited to be at for the launch of . This project will provide a 'stronger, safer and inclusive Tottenham Hale'.


Retweetd From Janeen Hayat

This was a sobering and inspirational event. Loved Dr. Lawrence Foley's aspiration that children in Tottenham want to grow up to raise their children in Tottenham.


Retweetd From Soarpoints

Thank you so much to & to this afternoon for both their inspirational talks & for allowing the children in this school feel thrilled to be listened to.


Retweetd From Totally_teach

Fantastic event today to launch the initiative. Our team going above & beyond with this organisational skills as always


Retweetd From Laura Fraser

on 20years of work in Tottenham & the sad normalisation of violence. Have we got all the funds we need from Govt across the UK to reduce youth violence? No. However this initiative does go some way to support the great education & community to have hope to keep on!


Retweetd From Laura Fraser

“incredible work by the voluntary sector who put in the winning bid to bring £750k to Tottenham Hale for this ambitious programme to bring real change”


Retweetd From Laura Fraser

Yeah 10 pupils: “Every week I wake up to hear about a young person just like me has lost their life to knife crime” "lack of opportunity and lack of community is part of the problem" “Me and my friend had the opportunity of going to a community hub which is a safe space”


Retweetd From Laura Fraser

Executive Principal talks about his own experience of youth violence growing up in London, how it now effects his pupils! How the media perpetuates the horror. But also the high expectations for pupils & how this initiative will help


Retweetd From NHS

If you haven't had your COVID-19 vaccine yet, you can still book an appointment. Visit today.


As of today, Monday 19th July, only the person testing positive needs to self isolate. Close contacts will very rarely be asked to isolate as the threshold has changed & schools will not be asked to help with the contact tracing. We remain mask wearing at HATO


Retweetd From NHS

If you haven't had your COVID-19 vaccine yet, you can still book an appointment at


Retweetd From Haringey

All adults (18+) can book their appointment now: 🌐: 📞: 119 (free number) A single dose of the jab reduces your chance of being hospitalised with by up to 80% 🙌 For walk-in clinics near you:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 6 - Hawk

The Year 6 class is led by Mr McAuley. Mrs Orr and Ms Gard are also part of the Year 6 teaching team. The Teaching Assistants supporting in the Year 6 class are Ms Zorlakkis and Ms Gaumah.

Show my learning - Autumn term

Click HERE to see Hawk Class work this term.

Usually at this time in the term we would invite our families into the academy to come and see all of the children’s wonderful learning. Due to the current restrictions this is not possible at the moment.

However, this will not stop us from showing you all of the exciting things we have been doing this term at Harris Academy Tottenham. Please click on the links above. We hope you enjoy!

Autumn update

We have been practising reading and spelling in our reading lessons and will write in a variety of genres in our Literacy lessons throughout the year. This half term we have been learning how to retell a story and focusing on the book The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo. We will soon be moving on to studying poetry through the Lady of Shallot.

In Maths, we will be thinking carefully about place value, practising the four operations and recapping and furthering our knowledge around time and fractions.

In History, we will be learning all about The Victorians and what life was like back in those times. In geography, we will be learning about ordnance survey maps, including what they are used for and how to read them. In Science, we have been learning about Electricity and Light through practical lessons that allow us to see all of this in action.

In RE, we are learning stories from Christianity and Buddhism – and asking the question ‘what do people believe about life?’. This unit explores ideas about the natural world and our place in it and relates them to religious and other beliefs.

Our PE day this year is on a Tuesday and is done with Mr McAuley. We must remember come to school dressed in our PE kit on that day and remember that our names must be written on all of our items to ensure they don’t get lost. 

Our Meet the Teacher session is available virtually on the website.

Meet the teacher

Page Downloads

Title Date  
Y6 100 books to read by the end of year 6 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Autumn 2 Geography KO 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Autumn 2 History KO 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Autumn 2 Science KO 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Curriculum Overview 25th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Reading Parent information pack 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Remote learning curriculum overview 19th Nov 2020 Download
Y6 Suggested Reading List 19th Nov 2020 Download